Today in Africa, the face of the girl child is covered with hypocritical joy but her heart is filled with pain and sorrow. This happens when the girl child grows up to be vulnerable and by that I mean when they become adolescents. They become an instrument of relieving stress or even sexual desire to the opposite sex.Their dignity is washed away in just one night because of selfish men who do not care about the future of these girls.

These girls are sometimes sold off into marriages by their parents for bride price and from that, they end up becoming teenage mothers. These girls even die during labour due to the fact that their bodies are still developing and they don’t even have money for hospital bills so they end up delivering in bad conditions.

But unfortunately, sometimes these teenage girls bring this problem to themselves. They have forgotten that they need to be more careful in the things they do because their bodies are changing. Some girls wear exposing clothes which can attract the opposite sex leading to rape. Then others go to parties in clubs,get drunk and do all sorts of crazy things….and the next thing they know, they’re pregnant. “Kano akantu tukakozese!!!”this is what the ghetto boys in Africa say before approaching a girl. Why do girls let these plans for them push through??

The outcomes of teenage pregnancy are school dropouts, discrimination, depression, death during labour and some parents deny their own daughters to avoid shame. But we ourselves can stop this, the teenage girls, because we have experienced some of these things. No one solve a problem more than someone who has gone through it.

I am Kamagyingo Belinda and I’m fourteen years old. I want to become a Human Rights Lawyer and I would like my journey to begin now in order to give a voice to the voiceless. I personally believe that through blogging….my voice can be heard. Thank you.